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We specialise in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of on-site systems  Explore our journey and discover tangible outcomes from some of the projects we’ve undertaken.

Site Service

A recent project a CCGT Power Station involving the excavation, exposure, inspection  and installation of sandboxes for two gas pipelines within the Power Station AGI boundary.

Our responsibilities ranged from establishing work zones on site to conducting detailed surveys, employing both vacuum and hand digging techniques, and assuring the construction of shoring systems to prioritise safety. Additionally, we oversaw the work instructions for the chemical stations and collaborated closely with asset owners. We also vacuum excavated of 4″ and 6″ pipes, as well as conducting inspections and constructing sandboxes.


During our hazard assessment, we identified challenges such as concrete curbs and corrosion, which we addressed via strategic planning and adherence to our Golden Rules. The planning extended beyond our immediate scope, necessitating coordination with other concurrent work packages on site to ensure compliance with CDM regulations and clearly defined roles. Each day began with a permit safety briefing setting control for risks and safety-focused.


This work required us to operate at heights and within confined spaces. To safeguard against potential hazards, our team conducted atmospheric tests within confined spaces, repeating as often as determined by the permit. Prior to entry, all personnel were briefed on hazards, risks and controls associated with the confined space, with a designated stand-by person stationed at entry points to maintain communication with entrants throughout their time inside. Additionally, protocols for the timely rescue of personnel working at height were established, with equipment inspections conducted prior to each use. To manage the risk of dropped objects, comprehensive plans have been implemented to mitigate potential hazards effectively.

Installed in 1969, an original block valve underwent removal and re-piping during a scheduled outage. The main valve, operable via above-ground manual handwheel, was concealed underground, with additional components situated in designated pits.

Originally commissioned in 1969, a block valve faced redundancy in the gas network due to upstream and downstream modification works. Following insights from a thorough site survey, the decision to pipe through was made. Our team executed this with precision, installing a temporary road, dismantling the existing fence line, and implementing stringent security measures within a CDM compound to ensure compliance with the safety regulations CDM 2015.

Our methodical approach extended to a secure excavation of the intricate pipe arrangement, complemented by the installation of temporary works under the dedicated regulations. The project unfolded to plan as we inspected and blasted the pipe coating, while providing support during mechanical works. Upon completion, our commitment to excellence was evident in the meticulous reinstatement of the site, returning the land for agricultural use.

Guided by our Golden Rules, our operations centred around the principles of CDM 2015 and safe excavation protocols. This encompassed the identification of underground hazards and controlled ground movement, highlighting our dedication to safety and the successful delivery of quality projects.

Site Service